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Orange County Smokers

Smoking has been used for centuries to preserve food. Today we do it to achieve new taste experiences. The smoking adds a unique flavor and produces amazingly delicious and delicate results that can sharpen even the most pampered taste buds.

In principle everything can be smoked, from game and beef to fish, poultry, lamb, pork – even cheeses, almonds, fruit and vegetables and other specialties. Smoking lifts the dining experience to new culinary heights, and with Orange County Smokers everyone can join. The design is masculine, the quality impeccable and the operation simple – what’s not to like?

If you are a beginner then start with small pieces of meat or fish. Very soon you will be bolder and can play around and experiment with smoking times and different smoke tastes to match various types of meat, fish or vegetables. The Orange County Smokers are to be connected to a regular power outlet and ensure that wood chips achieve a constant and optimal temperature. Every time! This makes it easier to calculate quantities and smoking times contrary to smoking in a grill. Another clear advantage is that the grill is not occupied, but is available for the remaining performances of the barbecue and smoke master.

Adexi continuously extends its range of accessories and must-haves, just as Orange County Smokers are backed up in stores, supported by events, recipes, campaigns, and targeted marketing on, among other things, social media.

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