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Strict quality requirements guarantee good products

Our strict quality requirements mean that suppliers must meet numerous preconditions before any cooperation begins. All our manufacturers undergo a comprehensive auditing, so that we can determine whether they live up to our high standards and requirements.

Our engineers in China are in close dialogue with suppliers throughout the entire production phase in order to ensure that the proper documentation is obtained and is in order. Before shipping, all products undergo a quality test with focus on product construction and performance. Our thoroughness and quality assurance throughout the supply chain is your guarantee of a good product.

Manufacturer analysis

Before trading can take place, an approved external auditor visits the manufacturer’s factory to carry out an audit. On the basis of a factory survey, Adexi assesses whether we want to enter into cooperation with the manufacturer in question. If the manufacturer is approved, cooperation can begin. Alternatively, we assess whether the manufacturer can raise its level within an acceptable period of time. If so, this leads to a new factory survey.

An audit is carried out following a fixed process that focuses on product safety and quality. A satisfactory manufacturer analysis includes the following elements:

  • IQC (Incoming Quality Control)
  • Manufacturer and assembly line check
  • OQC (Outgoing Quality Control)
  • Laboratory check
  • Customer satisfaction and complaint
  • RoHS material management
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Contract basis

In order to ensure a common understanding of the cooperation, Adexi and the manufacturer sign a Purchase Contract. This is prepared for each individual product and is a detailed description of the agreement. A Purchase Contract describes what approvals and certifications the manufacturer signs up to. We comply with the CE Direction, as a result of which we set requirements for LVD, EMS, RoHS and REACH, among others.

The contract also deals with other issues such as:

  • design
  • delivery
  • artwork
  • technical specifications
  • packaging details
  • AQL
  • delivery form
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Legislation and certificates

Adexi undertakes responsibility for ensuring that approvals and certifications are complied with under the relevant legislation. From Adexi’s office in Shunde, China, engineers maintain an ongoing dialogue with the manufacturer, which ensures that the product meets the requirements of the European market.

Documentation is retained by Adexi and may be provided at any time on request. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration carries out random inspections of the approvals for selected products, with special focus on food contact material. On the basis of these visits, Adexi is in possession of an elite smiley.

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Maintenance of document archive

If required, Adexi can continuously upload documentation to customers’ server, thus ensuring that document archives are always updated and maintained.

If you have no interest in dealing with documentation, Adexi can manage and administer storage for you. All documentation can be made available at any time.

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Quality control

Before products are shipped from China, they are quality tested to our stringent requirements.

Test samples are sent to Adexi’s test lab in China. Some are disassembled and undergo a comprehensive technological analysis to shed determine whether the product is constructed properly and meets the applicable product standards.

Other samples are subject to a performance test that evaluates whether the product meets Adexi’s quality requirements in relation to performance.

Subsequently, a report is sent to the manufacturer, and the dialogue is resumed if the product has challenges that need to be addressed.

All orders must pass a final random inspection. Before the finished manufactured products are loaded, the manufacturer receives a visit from an externally approved auditor, which checks the shipment according to a fixed inspection process. If the order is released, a certificate is sent to the manufacturer allowing them to ship. If this is not the case, Adexi is contacted, and together with the manufacturer we agree on adjustments and a new final random inspection.

During a final random inspection, the following parameters are examined:

  • AQL
  • Packaging and cosmetics
  • Test and data measurements
  • Internal and main components
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We take responsibility

As one of Europe’s major importers of electrical appliances, we are aware of our responsibility. We work in a targeted way to improve the social conditions of our Chinese suppliers. In addition, Adexi is part of a scheme for the handing over of electronic waste, which aims to collect and dispose of electronic waste and to encourage recycling and sustainability.

Amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative

Since 2010, Adexi has been a member of Amfori (formerly FTA), which is the leading global organisation for open and sustainable trade. Amfori aims to accelerate human prosperity, open trade and responsible use of natural resources. They call it Trade with a Purpose.

Through Amfori, Adexi is a member of the European initiative BSCI, which supports companies in promot-ing trade and social conditions in their global supply chains.

As a member, Adexi commits to following a code that takes as its starting point the main international con-ventions regarding protection of the labour force. BSCI’s guidelines implement the leading standards of the ILO, the UN and the OECD.

With BSCI membership, Adexi has a responsibility to ensure responsible working conditions. This is done through factory checks in which independent inspectors examine working conditions. In the event that suppliers do not comply with the rules, BSCI members are responsible for helping the supplier concerned.

Adexi is continuing to work to get the largest possible number of manufacturers to enter into a partnership with BSCI and thus improve global working conditions.

For further information on Amfori BSCI, please visit the organisation’s website


Adexi complies with the CE Directive for all products we market and deliver. The CE Directive is the primary legislation for the whole product safety area. The Directive includes a wide range of standards, regulations and areas, such as electrical safety, user safety, environmental safety and food safety.

We comply with the directive as it is set out in Denmark and as a common EU requirement. In some cases, there may be specific national requirements which we comply with. All authentication requirements are documented by authorised, independent testing laboratories.

By agreement, Adexi can often comply with specific approvals or local approval marks.

Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

As an importer of electrical and electronic products, Adexi undertakes to arrange and finance return and environmental processing of electronic waste.

WEEE is an EU-based waste directive, which encourages eco-friendly products, sustainability and recycling. In Denmark, the Directive is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment and Food, with the Danish Producer Responsibility System as the responsible agency. We manage our take-back responsibility throughout Europe via WEEE Europe.

WEEE collection generates a large amount of electronics waste, which is reused in the production of new products. This limits the amount of electrical waste that needs to be disposed of.

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